Contact Amazon prime Number: Amazon is the biggest and the most trust online brand. It has large variety of customer’s items and their variation in size, shape and color and price. Amazon provides a different type of services to its customers and on one of its most famous service is Amazon Prime. For more Call us on Amazon Prime Customer Number

Amazon Prime is a membership program that gives a number of benefits to the customer like they can access to streaming video, music, e-books and enjoy free shipping too. More over the above the Amazon prime customer enjoy many other benefits too as they have an early access to some deals and there are some deals and offer who can only be used by Amazon prime customer.

Amazon prime service



For becoming the Amazon prime customer you need to an annual fee and if you wish you opt to pay per month also. Amazon prime is a paid service followed by fixed annual or monthly fees. Member of Amazon prime are eligible for free one or two-day shipping on most of the items and various other benefits are also there which is exclusively for Amazon prime customers only.

Trail of Amazon prime service: You can start by using the trial of Amazon prime customer service at free of cost. The trial period remains valid till 30 days and gives early access to all the deals.



There are a lot of reasons and benefits that motivate a customer to go for Amazon Prime. Following are some main reason that why should choose to be Amazon prime service.

Shipping: Amazon prime customer enjoys free two days shipping one eligible item. Moreover, the customer also enjoys free shipping benefits if the consignment is shipped to any major city listed in the Amazon network. There is also free 2-hour delivery option but please check whether your zip code is on the list or not.

There is also prime pantry where the prime member can purchase low priced grocery and for flat delivery fees of per prime pantry box.

Savings On Per Purchase: There are a number of deals and discount that can only be availed by becoming a prime customer only. As being a prime member a customer has early access to all deals on Amazon. You get at least 30 minutes early access to all lightning deals on Amazon.

Fun and entertainment: Amazon prime offers an unlimited streaming of movies to its customers. Users can also access and enjoy the prime music playlist. There are more than million of songs available at Amazon prime music. Another benefit is that you can secure your photos in Amazon cloud storage drive also known as prime photos.

Kindle owner’s library: Being a prime member you have access to kindle owners library where you have access to more than 800,000 free can also borrow books of 500000 titles per month for free yet it should be supported by kindle device.

These all are the some of the main benefits that Amazon prime service offers yet there are many there benefits that you get along with becoming a prime customers like exclusive access to some items , access to popular games for free and many more. Prime membership plan is till opens for everyone, then why to wait, go and choose to become a amazon prime member.