Amazon Prime Customer Service Number: Amazon prime is a type of customer service that offers various benefits to their customers who shop at Amazon. Amazon prime offers early access to lightning deal, free shipping over various products, and access to Amazon pantry, exclusive offers, and product for prime customers and access to online video streaming and eBook library.

Amazon prime is paid service where a member needs to fixed annual fees or some monthly fees to become a prime member. There is also 30 days trail period of which you will not be charged for using Amazon prime service. Yet there are some terms and conditions regarding Amazon prime membership that a customer needs to know before he pays for Amazon prime service. So, let’s have a brief look at these.

amazon prime


Eligibility for purchasing under Amazon prime

Products eligible for purchasing under Amazon prime services will be listed as Amazon prime. You can see the Amazon prime written on the below of the description of products. You can also browse and search by Amazon products. Prime customer will receive free standard delivery on their purchase. However, it must be noted that not all the products that listed on Amazon do not mean that they are supported by prime service unless you see below tag of ‘Amazon Prime’.

Limitation for Amazon prime membership

Amazon reserves the right to accept or cancel the membership. Amazon may send you email and may contact you at the contact information or email id provided by you. the communication will regarding the setting and preference related to Amazon account. A customer does not have any right to transfer or assign his prime membership. Prime members are not allowed to buy products for the purpose of resale or rental use.

Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

A customer can cancel his membership any time just by visiting his Amazon account. One needs to adjust the membership settings on prime central. If a customer cancels his membership within the three days of signing up for paid membership then he is eligible to get a full refund of his membership fees. However, Amazon may charge you for if you have used Amazon prime benefit in during the first three days. There is also one another condition when a customer is entitled to get a full refund of his membership amount if he has not made any eligible purchase and neither used any benefit of Amazon prime service.

Changes in Terms Regarding Agreement

Amazon has full authority regarding changes in terms and condition of Amazon prime service and membership criteria. All the condition and terms are subject to change without any prior notice. Yet after the change, your membership still remained continued but with changed conditions.

Termination of Membership

Amazon holds the rights to terminate prime membership without any prior notice. Yet it assures you to make a refund of your membership fees on the basis of a number of the month remaining in your membership. However, Amazon will not grant any refund if any violation of the rules of prime membership policy is done by customers end.

All above are the important information a prime should carefully read and follow in order to take benefits of prime membership.